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We take technical proficiency, budget adherence and scheduling as benchmarks for each project. Scheduling the right equipment and the right team for each job coupled with technical and disciplined managers is a cornerstone of our vast and successful construction portfolio. 

By analyzing all aspects of a project with our team, we know how choices in one area affect another, and we can deliver an accurate and completely coordinated estimate.

Our Pre-Construction services include:

     - Conceptual and Final Estimating 
     - Budget Development 
     - Value-Added Engineering 
     - Schedule Development 
     - Continuing Operations Planning 
     - Document Review 
     - Development Proformas for Financing

Rarely are scope and budget in balance at the beginning of the design. Once we thoroughly understand the goals of the project, we will detail the workable options so as to maximize the program. This "value engineering" is often described as dollars saved, but it in fact serves a larger purpose: cost-effective evaluation of long and short-term options ensuring the comfort and efficiency of the user.

By monitoring changes as the design is developed, our reports highlight the line-item differences in scope, and their cost impact to the overall budget. Designs are evaluated and changes implemented to accommodate budgetary constraints.

We will evaluate the construction documents for completeness, ability to achieve product quality and construction logistics. In other words, we look at the details from a builder's perspective. By identifying conflicts and problem areas up front, we reduce the number of changes and limit delays and additional costs to the project. Working from an extensive and continually updated database of costs, coupled with years of experience with various building types and markets, we know what a specific project should cost.

Our Construction services include:

     - Total Quality Management 
     - Project Management and Supervision
     - Cost Control
     - Safety Program
     - Scheduling
     - Project Closeout


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